11 Psychopaths Roaming the Streets of Casablanca


A group of psychopaths escaped from the psychiatric and mental illness ward in Ibno Rochd Hospital in Casablanca.

The news came out in a Facebook post by the Arabic-language news source Goud, which stated the 11 psychopaths secretly gathered the digging tools and began digging quietly at night. “They dag an entire hole leading to the street and they ran away one after the other,” says the source

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#خبر_عجيب عملية هروب جماعية تم تنفيذها بمستشفى موريزكو تحديدا بالجناح الخاص بالأمراض النفسية و العقلية . تخايل معايا…

Posted by GOUD on Sunday, September 1, 2019


International Morocco tried calling the hospital in question to get more details but nobody answers the phone.


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