A 45-dollar photo with Snake Mobilizes Marrakech Authorities


The Mayor of Marrakech has announced a campaign to crack down on scammers in Morocco city of Marrakech, as several incidents of scams, exploitation and theft have been reported.

The city of Marrakesh continues to be a major Moroccan tourist attraction. However,  it is also the city where tourists get scammed the most, according to the scam reports that continue to grow on social media, urging the authorities to intervene.

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This time, the drop that spilled the glass was a complaint received by a tourist who claimed that snake charmers in the famous Jamaa El Fna Square charged him (USD 45) 450 dirhams for one photo with a snake.

According to the French-language news source Challenge.ma, the police in Marrakech says that it has received numerous complains from tourists in Jamaa el Fna. The last one, was an incident where a restaurant owner charged tourists 5000 dirhams (USD 500) for one simple meal.

Thanks to the number of tourists that come to Marrakech’s Jamaa El Fnaa Square, it has been inscribed by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2008.


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