Argan Oil: How to Know You’re Buying the Authentic ?

Argan oil is widely known for its many benefits on health, especially in regulating the immune system and the cholesterol level, in fighting cancer cells, slowing down aging and healing wounds. This gold liquid that only grows in Morocco and a handful of other countries helps your body stay healthy by fortifying the immune system thanks to its Vitamin E. Likewise, research shows that it reduces your risk of heart disease due to its  fatty acids which boosts the level of “good” cholesterol and lowers that of “bad” cholesterol. 

Argan oil fights cancer cells by making them powerless and slowing their growth. In addition to that, this oil contains antioxidants which are very essential in preventing common signs of aging, so yes … this magical oil does act as an anti-aging remedy. Moreover, this oily extract heals the wound by regenerating cells again thanks to its abundance in vitamin E.


Quality measurement: 

It is not easy to spot pure argan oil. There are a lot of products that claim to be ‘pure argan oil’, but are unfortunately not. However, here are some cues to help you identify authentic argan oil:

  • Color: cosmetic Argan oil is golden yellow while culinary oil shades orangish, golden brown and can have a little bit of sediment at the bottom.
  • Consistence: Cosmetic Argan oil should be smooth and silky, non-sticky, and not over-watery. It also should not leave an obvious oily cast on your skin after a few minutes as it absorbs in the skin completely.      
  • Scent: Cosmetic Argan oil has a very subtle, and unique smell.
  • Packaging: Argan oil should be packed in dark glass bottles. Sunlight can destroy the amazing properties of Argan oil. 
  • Source: you can purchase Argan oil online from a store that specializes in Argan Oil and that must be Ecocert-certified. In many of these stores, the salespeople allow you to test the oil on skin. 
  • Price: cosmetic argan oil is labor-intensive and requires a lot of argan seed in order to produce a small bottle of 50 or 150 ml. This is usually sold for between 8 to 16 euros, respectively.
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