BBC and British Council English Learning Programs in Moroccan TV and Radio


Morocco’s ministry of Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Research and other government institutions representing Morocco have signed a new agreement with the BBC and the British Council to promote English among Moroccans. 

The agreement consists of two educational programs jointly designed by the BBC and the British Council, one on the radio and the other on TV, “World on the Street” and “Obla Air”. 

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Morocco’s Delegated Minister in charge of Higher Education, Idriss O’ouicha expressed his excitement at the agreement that will permit Moroccan TV and Radio channels to air these English-language programs. He added that a cooperation committee at the level of Higher Education was born out of this agreement. 

The ambassador of the United Kingdom, Thomas Reilly, said after the signing of the agreement that he finds it important to have access to English lessons through TV and the radio. He also hailed the efforts of the National Television in Morocco in offering distant learning to students during the coronavirus lockdown, as well as the efforts British Council and the BBC in signing the agreement. 

The Director of the British Council, Tony Reilly, said the English is spoken by 2 billion individuals throughout the world as it is the language of business and the internet. He explained that the signing of the agreement represents an important milestone as “it adds English to Morocco ‘s rich linguistic landscape.”


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