Clean City – A Moroccan App Seeking to Better Our Lives

A free Moroccan Android and IOS application and a social network, Clean City, has gained international recognition for its mission to make cities cleaner and citizens more responsible.

The green application that was developed by the Moroccan entrepreneur Mouhsin Bour Qaiba is a platform where users can report minor sanitation issues in their cities such as full garbage bins, or urgent problems in public roads, lighting issues and so forth. Users can also organize events to clean certain area of their city or give suggestions relating to its management, making the endeavor of improving cities more collaborative than ever.

The smartphone app’s mission does not stop here. Using advance technology such as machine learning and blockchain, it actively transmits the received reports to the authorities in charge and shares it with the community of users to accelerate fixing the reported problems. When these are dealt with, the citizen who makes the claim is notified and the authorities that intervened get a 48-hour promotion on the platform.

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On top of this, the app enables its users to sign up for a program to sort out household waste, and teams up with the garbage collection companies to make the process of recycling and reusing more collaborative.

To spice it up a little more, the developers based their social networking platform on a gamification system in that the citizens who take civic action in their communities are awarded points they can later use to order gifts, such as cinema tickets, a cup coffee, or others.

The benefits that Clean City brings to the users are only matched by immense gains it carries to local authorities and recycling companies. Through monthly or yearly paid subscriptions, local authorities can have access to Clean City’s SaaS app and benefit from real-time data about specific locations with cleanliness problems and take immediate and targeted action.

As to recycling firms, Clean City matches them with the users that sign up for the programs of sorting out household garbage, which helps them save the time and money involved in doing it themselves. The service also helps these companies get better quality materials as sorting them out prevents their deterioration.

Thanks to its success in making technology in the service of cities and communities, the app has won numerous international awards. Most recently, the World Economic Forum named the start-up behind it “One of 100 Arab World startups that are shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

Other awards include, Top Startup Africa at Digital Africa organized by AFD in 2018, Passport talent Visa French Tech in 2018, the Camp Incubation in 2018, First European Youth Award 2017 by the European Commission in Austria, FbStart Facebook incubation in 2017, and the first prize of the social enterprise in Morocco in the same year.

The app is on track to reach its goal of 2 million users by the end of 2022 and become a global force, channeling communities and local authorities’ efforts for better and cleaner cities.


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