David Icke: Covid-19 is Distraction to Establish New World Order

By H. Alpha

The swift spread of the coronavirus globally in the past few months resulted in an unforeseen economic shutdown, an unprecedented state of confusion, a huge uncertainty within the scientific community, to say the least, that started a domino effect that ended up affecting every one of us. Since the beginning of this reality that forced itself into our lives, stories and narratives attempting to give sense to this reality started to spread as fast as the coronavirus itself.

The account of David Icke, the famous professional conspiracy theorist, which he articulated in two separate interviews with the local television station London Real is unquestionably the most resonant of these narratives, and the most frightening. The second interview was watched by tens of millions of viewers around the world, and created massive controversy which grew even more intense after Youtube and numerous social media platforms deleted the interview.

In this interview, Icke branded Covid-19 as a distraction by some very influential forces to establish a New World Order, governed by high tech corporations.

Technically, however, he asserted that the Chinese took some genetic material, caused by many illnesses, including regular flu, lung cancer, and put them together in a database under the designation of Coronavirus 19. Whatever comes near that synthesized genetic condition is diagnosed with covid 19, be it flu, high blood pressure, diabetes or any sort of physical abnormality .

David Icke added that the genetic disorder in question affects the cells of the respiratory system, which release a substance that is subsequently labeled Covid-19. He explained that the cells can be affected for a variety of reasons, such as flu, fear and anxiety caused by the pandemic, in addition to any kind of infection, as well as a change in the electro-magnetic field.

Icke’s theory goes that the authorities around the world, under the pressure of international  organizations such as WHO, have set an inaccurate testing system that allows them to play with the numbers of Coronavirus-related deaths and spread panic, using the mass media. This, he continue, is used by governments, which according to him are controlled by shadow power with a specific agenda, to justify the total lockdown that they imposed on their countries.

Icke posits that world leaders have been exposed to a situation that is above their realm of control, which explains the state of confusion and contradiction, while the pharmaceutical and technology corporations have been in charge all the way.

He added that after weeks and months of the lockdown, these shadow forces will dictate new laws and regulations in their favor and against the rights and freedoms of people.

The whole setup is staged to abolish certain freedoms and rights, in order to introduce the 5G technology in many places in the world, despite its high radiation levels. These, he explains, interfere with the human electro-magnetic field and cause deaths that will then be justified as a result Covid-19 as it happened in Wuhan where the first 5G poles have already been erected.

The 5G wireless technology is operating on a frequency of 60 Gigahertz (GHz) and can interfere with blood circulation, thus causing suffocation due to the lack of oxygen delivered to human organs.

This 5G technology is needed for the shadow powers or the coalition of the military-industrial complex and high tech companies in addition to a few families that control the world financial institutions in order to create a new society run by the artificial intelligence, in the pursuit of the ultimate goal of creating a technocracy or a world government controlled by the high tech corporations.

The conspiracy theorist emphasized that the mandatory vaccination will also take place worldwide, in return of easing the lockdown and the social distancing measures, adding that these vaccines may contain microchips and other components that aim, among many things, to track people

David Icke said at the end of this interview that this global power has no borders, no religion and no particular ideology or race, and no objective other than controlling the world.



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