Diabetes Kills a Young Military Recruit in Meknes Barracks

A young military recruit has died in Moulay Ismail Military Barracks in Mekness yesterday only a few days after joining conscription. News revealed that he was diabetic.

Not long after news covered the first batch of military recruits going to different military barracks across Morocco, the sad news of a young recruit’s death came out.

The recruit is only 22 years old and he suffers from diabetes, according to the Arabic news source Howiya Press. The source adds that he died after abrupt health complications and his body was taken to the city of Safi, his hometown, on the same day.

The mother of the deceased stated that he was on insulin for 6 years and voluntarily stopped it to enroll in the military service.

The Arabic language news website Hespress stated that he did not reveal his sickness to the health committee prior to his enrollment in the military service.

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