Germany Refuses Asylum Applications for Moroccans


The German Ambassador in Morocco has lauded in a press conference on October 1st the collaboration between Morocco and Germany in security and countering illegal immigration.

Goetz Schmidt Bremme, the German Ambassador in Rabat, stated during the press conference held on the occasion of the fall of Berlin Wall that Morocco and Germany “have been successfully working together since they jointly headed the international forum on immigration and development.”

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The diplomat revealed that in the framework of the cooperation between Morocco and Germany Germany has deported 800 Moroccan illegal immigrants, according to the Arabic-language news source Hespress.

Previously, Germany rejected most of the asylum applications submitted by Moroccans when they arrive in Germany as it has listed Morocco as “safe country.”

The German embassy has received 696 asylum applications until July of the current year, and it approved on 6 of them.


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