Getting People to Back to Normal Psychologically Should be Priority in Morocco


In this brief interview, Gari Sullivan explains that the lockdown has had disastrous effects on people worldwide psychologically, and that since Morocco has implemented very strict lockdown measures, Moroccans might be more affected than others. In this respect, he adds that the desired economic recovery is the by product of the psychological recovery.

Asked about the measures that should be taken in order to get people psychologically and mentally back to normal, Gari states that we should stop talking about “the new normal” and “the second wave of the virus” and highlights that this is the role of governments and the media establishments.

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On a similar note, Gari says that the people around the world should measure the success of their government in dealing with this pandemic based on whether they have managed to return people’s lives back to normal.


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Ezzoubeir Jabrane is a writer, teacher and entrepreneur. He holds a Master's Degree in Linguistic and Literary Studies. He has written a number of journalistic, analytical and academic articles in different fields. He's worked as a teacher of Academic English at Hassan II University in Casablanca and a teacher of English for Engineering in the National Higher School of Arts and Craft (ENSAM), in addition to a number of other private institutions. Ezzoubeir is a founding member of International Morocco and the founder of Exchange Lab, a language center that offers online English courses for individuals, companies and associations.


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