MBC to Launch MBC5 in Maghreb


The Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) has revealed in a press conference on Sunday 18th in Lebanon’s Capital, Beyrouth, its intention to launch a Maghreb TV Channel dubbed MBC5.

The press conference was attended by numerous Moroccan artists such as Douzi, Taha Essou, Jamila El Badaoui, Abdel Fattah Al Grini and others, according to the Moroccan news source Lalla Fatema, which was present at the conference in addition to a plethora of other Moroccan news outlets.

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The objectives of this new channel are ample and seek to develop the Maghreb area in matters related to investment, the promotion of the local market, the development of the artistic production and so forth.

the President of MBC5 said in a statement that the channel has managed in a record time to put together a diversified program that includes shows produced by Maghreb and Arab artists as well as other exclusive shows. This, he highlights, has been achieved “Thanks to a committed and motivated team and the collaboration of artists from Morocco and other Maghreb countries.”


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