Moroccan Highways to Use Free-flow Tolling


The Moroccan state-owned motorway company (Autoroutes du Maroc, ADM) will install a free flow tolling system in Morocco’s highways for drivers with Jawaz badges.

Motorists with Jawaz tags will no more be obliged to stop or even slow down at highway tollbooths as Autoroutes du Maroc will set up a free flow tolling system in response to customers’ numerous demands.

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The company has revealed that it is currently preparing to launch a first experimentation phase before generalizing it in all highways. For this, the company will equip gantries with cameras that scan license plates and detect badges, similar to Jawaz.

Motorists will choose between two payment methods as in many countries. The detector will deduct the fees from the badge directly or from the user account where the motorist had put credit enough for a number of trips.

The company which did not reveal a lot of details concerning the technical aspect of the project said that the highway linking Casablanca and Rabat will host the first experimentation phase.

Explaining the reasons behind this decision Autoroutes du Maroc explained that it has received many demands from its customers, especially those that are part of Jawaz program who now amount to 800 thousand motorists:

“Customers have become increasingly demanding, especially those with Jawaz badges who do not even want to be forced to slow down to 20 km / h” in the tollbooths, which makes the decision to move to free flow “inevitable”

Free-flow tolling in generalized in North America and some European countries, whereas it exists only in some parts in other countries.

The system has numerous advantages for the motorists and highway firms. It helps increasing the capacity, improving the services of the highways, and reducing the travel times. It also decreases the operating costs involved in manual collection, and increasing earning potentials. In addition, free-flow tolling diminishes fuel consumption and emissions, which makes it an eco-friendly solution as well.




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