Moroccan Pearls: Imin’tizeght



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In this video series, we highlight Moroccan villages and towns known for their captivating landscapes and old histories and traditions.


Imin’tizeght is a small village located at the heart of the Anti-Atlas Mountains, south-east of Morocco. The village’s captivating landscapes are comprised of granit mountains overlooking vast valleys that are rich in argan and almond trees, and the water sources are abundant. The locals’ long-lasting tradition and well-organized social structures clearly reflect the organization that mark the different elements of nature in the village of Imin’tizeght.

Members of the village organize themselves in an NGO called AIDECO and tackle the issues and challenges facing their community. Under the leadership of Mustapha Nakraoui, AIDECO, has managed to carry out a number of projects such as the rehabilitation of the hydro-agricultural system of the Imin Titzeght perimeter, the launch of ALBARAKA Women’s Cooperative, agricultural productivity improvement study of the Ammelen Valley Engineers Without Borders, as well as a plethora of educational, touristic, cultural and socio-economic projects and initiatives that have managed to reduce immigration from the village.

Visit AIDECO’s official website for more information:
Mustapha Nakraoui: +212 6 62 80 61 78

To have a first-hand experience of how the locals eat and go about their daily lives, we recommend that you stay in the village’s only guesthouse, Iskki-asnfou, owned by Mohamed Amghar.




























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