Morocco Confirms Second Recovery Case from COVID-19


The Ministry of Health confirmed on Thursday the recovery of the second case from Covid-19 in Morocco.

The recovered patient is a woman living in Casablanca. She had been infected by her husband, said the director of epidemiology and fight against diseases at the Ministry of Health, Mohamed El Youbi, adding that the medical and clinical tests confirmed the recovery of the patient.

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This recovery case is the second after the announcement of the recovery of the Moroccan from Italy, who was the first confirmed case of the new Coronavirus in Morocco. 

On Thursday morning, the ministry announced that the coronavirus cases in Morocco have jumped to 61. The patients receive the appropriate medical care at a hospital, the ministry noted, adding that 276 people have tested negative for coronavirus.

To date, Morocco has reported two death cases. Most cases came from European countries, including Italy, Spain, and France. 

Minister of Health, Khaled Ait Taleb said in a press conference held on Wednesday evening that “the next few days will be crucial” in the fight against the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) given the confirmation of local cases.

“The situation is under control so far, but the confirmation of isolated cases pushes us to be more mobilized and display more solidarity in order to stop the spread of the virus,” the minister added.

“When local cases are confirmed, the figures will probably increase,” said the minister, who called on the citizens to limit their movements and comply with self-isolation at home.

In an attempt to slow the spread of the pandemic and implement preventive measures, Morocco has suspended all international flights, shut mosques, schools, restaurants, coffee shops, cinemas, theaters, sports, public clubs, baths, and other entertainment venues

Morocco has also created a $1 billion fund to upgrade health infrastructure and support the country’s economy in the wake of COVID-19. Moroccan billionaires, members of the parliaments, and companies have donated to the fund.


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