Morocco’s Ministry of Culture and Communication has stated on Sunday 22 that the University of Bordeaux in France has returned 20 artifacts dating back to the stone age to Morocco.

These artifacts, according to the communique of the ministry are human remains dating back to the stone age that were discovered during excavations in Rowazi cemetery in Skhirat near the capital Rabat in 1979.

The ministry explained that these artifacts will be an important reference at Morocco’s National Institute of Archeology and Heritage as It will benefit students and researchers specialized in the prehistoric period. It added that agreements will be signed between Morocco and France in order to cooperate in this area.

The Ministry of Culture and Communication also revealed that a prehistoric park will open in Casablanca, where these remains will be exhibited for the public.

The archeological excavations in 1979 in Skhirat took place in the framework of Moroccan-French archaeological co-operation resulted in the discovery of the most important neolithic funerary collection in the northern part of Morocco comprising at least 87 tombs and 14 archaeological sites.

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