Out of a Movie: Individuals Broke Into WafaCash from Adjacent Building

A money transfer agency affiliated with WafaCash in the city of Casablanca was stolen in an unusual way on Monday 7. The authorities began investigations to capture the suspects.

The stolen agency is located in Miqdad al-Harizi street in Sebata area in Casablanca, and is part of Wafacash network of agencies. The perpetrators broke into it by digging a hole in the wall of the adjacent building.

According to security sources mentioned in the Arabic-language news source, Alyaoum24, the authorities arrived at the crime scene on the same day and took the fingerprints of the perpetrators. At the same time, the security forces of the area of Benmsik began an investigation to arrest them.

Until this moment, the authorities have not found any clues leading to the suspects. However, the same source explained that the police will review the recordings of surveillance cameras installed near the agency to identify them.

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