Photo: Tramway Controllers Throw Handicapped Woman to the Flour


A handicapped woman in wheelchair was thrown down to the floor by two tramway controllers yesterday November 13 in Rabat, sparking uproar among social media users. The company deplores it and begins an investigation.

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The controllers of a tramway in Rabat did not take into account the situation of a special needs woman when they used physical violence against her. The lady did not have a ticket and the controllers insisted on kicking her out of the tram, and the exaggerated use of force made her lose her balance and fall to the floor.

The incident has infuriated social media users in Morocco and the tram company released a communiqué deploring “the unfortunate incident”. The company explained that the controller that pushed the handicapped lady to the floor was not even in service, and described his behavior as “uncivil” that did not observe the operational procedure.

The company also explained that an “investigation is underway in the course of disciplinary proceedings” in line with its work regulations, and promises more efforts on its part to avoid similar incidents from happening in the future.


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