Poem: A Bitter-sweet Farewell


It was blazingly hot

He learnt about her death,

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He had to wear a black tie,

In their tribe, they were accustomed to do that,

He pretended he mourned her death.

Before that day, she was never happy,

She murmured that and was too gaggy.

Silence prevailed,

Maybe he didn’t know what ailed.

Or he was too shallow to know.

Her word for him was merely an oxymoron.

The house seemed now forlorn.

It was there with no ornaments.

When you died, they all seemed melancholic.

But they could have tended you with loving care.

Since life was too short,

Why did not he try to make any amends?

He just read her epitaph,

All passer-bys did that.

She was sad in her grave,

She noticed that he cared now,

She wanted to say, “No need to shed your tears”

“Your voice was disturbing …….

Like some parakeets locked in a cage”

Remorse, you felt that,

Unfortunately, I was no longer there

I was marooned before,

The coffin now seemed softer than your fur.

But your whimpering doesn’t make you a close folk,

It was too late to make amends now.




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