Poem: An Imposed Breach


The beach seemed grey and bleak,

They all  heard of that last week.

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The birds were chirping and whizzing,

They found that really pissing.

She beheld him in his white clothes.

She was left hanging in those rooms.

She was troubled by his dignified silence,

Yet, she knew there was no violence.

He was travelling for years with his frailed wings,

She had to cure him and dive in his brims.

He pressed her to take sides; he did not know she was his comrade.

The sand hurled itself at the windows;

Everything was outrageous and formed fissures.

In the aura of their love story,

Everything was in glory.

Until that blurry day, came with it the hurricane.

She bursted in tears and was shivering in fear,

He was wearing his long, black coat he shouted “oh my dear.”

An old lady in grey hair, was watching the scene in such loving care;

She pitied her and was watering her flower,

She was afraid one day it may wither.

All his pearls entangled her neck;

She was hesitant to keep them while going that trek.

Could she be his mute escort?

She never lived in the shadows ,

As she was always full of light;

She was always in the limelight.

He took his hand-made snood.

It was her gift to him in their neighbourhood.

Was it an imposed fissure and breach?

Or were they both red-handed in that niche?

Time flies and reveals,

All hidden mask and attitudes;

It was a night like all nights in history.

If united, Romeo and Juliet could have lived in misery.

They chose suicide and averted all that agony,

But hearts remain in the other world,

As it was an imposed breach that souls could not wield.






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