RAM launches New Air Route between Casablanca and Beijing


Moroccan airline Royal Air Maroc has announced the launch of a new air route between Casablanca and Beijing starting from mid-January 2020.

Royal Air Maroc announced Monday 23 that has inaugurated a new air route that will link Casablanca’s international airport, Mohamed V and Dashing airport in Beijing.

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The announcement came during a statement of the regional director of Royal Air Maroc in China, Adil Khalloufi at a press conference last Monday.

The flight linking Morocco and China will be 13 hours long on the new generation of airplanes, 787-9 Dreamliner. This generation has a capacity of 302 passengers, 26 of which in the business class.

The new air route will host three weekly flights from Mohamed V airport, Monday, Thursday, and Saturday starting from 5 pm and arriving at 1:55 am, and three others from Dashing airport on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday from 11:55 am and arriving in Casablanca at 7:55 pm next day.

This air route is the first ever between Morocco and China and is part of 3-year developmental strategy to link the two countries.


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