Report Reveals Bone Chilling Facts about Moroccan Motorists Attitudes


The global market research firm, IPSOS, has revealed a disturbing study about the attitudes of Moroccan drivers on highways during the International Conference on Sustainable Mobility in Marrakech.

The study that sheds light on the inattentive attitude of Moroccan drivers on highways specifically, also stresses the urgent nature of the issue since it continues to put the lives of Moroccans at stake.

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As high as 56 percent of Moroccan motorists exceed the speed limit, according to the study reported in the French-language daily L’ECONOMISTE. Evening more frightening, 28% have felt as if they slept for few seconds while driving.

The report continues that 50 percent acknowledge having decided to drive despite feeling “very tired,” and 37 percent do not observe the safety distance. Also, 38 percent of drivers do not switch on the flash light to notify drivers behind them prior to turning, 42 percent take the center lane when the right lane is empty. Equally troubling is the fact that 28 percent of drivers take the emergency lane.

Speaking on the phone while driving represents an important cause of accidents. However, probably the most shocking figure revealed in IPSOS report is that 77% of deadly accidents on motorways are caused by drivers under the effect of alcohol or drugs.

A number of political figures and representatives of institutions in addition to scientists and technicians from over 40 countries have attended the International Conference on Sustainable Mobility in Marrakech where these facts were uncovered.

Autoroutes du Maroc (ADM) in in partnership with the International Road Federation (IRF) and the European Association of Motorways and Toll Facilities (ASECAP) have organized the conference. The participants also discussed future strategies and funding prospects for initiatives aiming at addressing this crisis.


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