Security Forces Arrest 5 Individuals for Inciting Violence Against team Fans


The security forces in the city of Martil, north of Morocco, has arrested 5 individuals three of them are minors after posting a video where they incited violence against the fans of Tangier football club.

After posting a video was posted in Facebook, where 5 individuals appear carrying knives, insulting, and inciting violence against the Tangier football club fans, an investigation was carried out by the security forces, leading to the arrest of the individuals on Monday 7.

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According to a communiqué issued by the Directorate General for National Security (DGNS), the arrest is in the framework of the security forces’ proactive efforts to combat all sorts of sports hooliganism and violence against people or properties, whether in real world or through social media posts and recordings.

The communiqué explains that the three minors were kept under surveillance and the other two offenders were placed under custody to uncover all the circumstances of this case, and to identify all criminal acts committed.




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