Shocking Footage – People Swept Away by Floods in Taroudant, Morocco

A footage released today shows people being swept away by a violent rain-made flood in the area of Taroudant, south of Morocco. Sources are talking about dozens of victims.

The violent floods that resulted from the heavy rains that pounded the region of Souss, in southern Morocco have swept people away and submerge buildings in the commune of Idaw’Ndif.

According to the Arabic-language news source, Alyaoum 24, local sources have stated that at least 11 people have been swept away by the floods in a valley that hosted a football game.

The source adds that they notified the authorities on numerous occasions about the danger that the valley represents, as rainwater always gathers there.

The 38 second Youtube video shows a building where a group of people took refuge from the floods being submerged, triggering the weeping and wailing of those that were trying to save them.




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