The EU Grants Morocco Over 101 Million Euros to Fight Illegal Immigration


The European Union has announced on Wednesday that it had given Morocco a 101.7 billion-euro grant to intensify the prevention of illegal immigration and human trafficking to Europe. 

The European union has granted Morocco 101.7 million euros ($113.1 million) to tighten its grip on the northern borders of the kingdom and strengthen its fight against illegal immigration and human trafficking.

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This announcement came in a statement by the European Commission, which highlighted that the grant came within the framework of the European Emergency Trust Fund for Africa. This initiative attempts to address the roots of instability and forced displacements, which lead Africans to seek refuge in Europe.

According to the statement, the grant allotted to Morocco aims to “support Morocco’s efforts to combat illegal immigration and human trafficking,” and it is part of a total budget of 147.7 euros allocated by the European Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, founded in 2015.

“With this new assistance, we are deepening our partnership with Morocco to reduce the number of illegal immigrants arriving on the western Mediterranean route and to avoid endangering individuals’ lives at risk,” said Oliver Varelli European Union Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and Expansion Negotiations

In addition, 41 million euros was allocated to improving the protection of migrants, children and vulnerable groups in Libya. The remaining 5 million from the total sum was allotted to promoting economic development in North Africa.

The European Union works in collaboration with 26 countries in the Sahel and Lake Chad, the Horn of Africa, and North Africa. “These countries face growing challenges ranging from demographic pressure, extreme poverty, internal tensions and institutional weaknesses to insufficient resilience to food crisis and environmental stress” says the EU website.


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