Three Military Recruit Get Arrested After Fleeing Military Barracks

Three young military recruits have fled Qasbat Tadla military barracks in the interior of Morocco. Royal Gendarmerie managed to arrest them after a massive secretive campaign.

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Few months after their enrollment in the military conscription three-young military recruits executed a successful escape last week. Two of the escapees come from Chichaoua region near Marrakech whereas the third comes from Sidi Mokhtar Center, around 115 km west of Marrakech.

The impulsive operation mobilized the military personnel at the barracks, which led it to issue a country-wide arrest warrant after ensuring that it was an escape operation.

The massive search campaign supervised by the regional commander of the Gendarmerie in the area of ​​Chichaoua. The Arabic newspaper, Assabah, which published the news in today’s issue (Monday 25) explained that the search campaign was kept secret and was characterized by a number of precautionary measures that accelerated the arrest.

Upon their arrest, the escapees were placed under custody following the orders of the public prosecutor’s office. The same source adds that they will be transported back to their barracks before referring them to the military court in Rabat where they will be tried for violating general military orders and fleeing from military conscription. The three recruits will then be imprisoned in Sale’s local prison.

The source also states that public prosecutor’s investigation will unveil the details of the undertaking.

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