Unprecedented: Spain Seizes Submarine with 3 Tons of Crack Cocaine


Members of the Spanish Civil Gard have seized on Sunday a submarine in the area of Galicia in the north-west of Spain coming from Latin America containing 3 tons of cocaine.

 Spain has historically had ample areas where hashish, cocaine and other illegal narcotics have been smuggled into Europe. However, the use of submarines in these operations is totally unheard-of.

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Following the seizure of the 22-meter submarine, the authorities captured two crew members whereas the third managed to flee, said the Spanish National Police in a communiqué released on the same day. It also specified that the seized submarine came from Columbia.

The authorities, which explained that the search for third crew members is currently underway, explained that the submarine in questioned arrived in Portugal, east of Spain, first before heading to Ria De Aldan in Spain, using the bad weather condition and the usually reduced custom control that accompanies it to their advantage.

The submarine carried 3 tons of crack cocaine and was meant to be unloaded in Spain and then transported to different places in Europe. The local Spanish media described the incident as “unprecedented” in Europe.


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