Update: Young Man in Humiliation Video Gets Arrested

The judicial police in Marrakech has arrested on Tuesday 8 the young man seen in a viral video humiliating a poor man after he told he would give him money.  

Another update in the case that has come to be known as “Ba’Azeddine video” (Father Azeddine) came out as the judicial police of Marrakech announced the arrest of the young man who humiliated an old poor man and posted a humiliating video of the scene without his consent with the purpose of insulting and defaming him

The authorities listened to Ba’Azeddine who is seen in the video thanking the young man who pretended to give money before he was insulted and humiliated in an despicable manner, stirring the anger of Moroccan social media users.

The investigation carried out by the security services led to the identification and arrest of one suspect, while a search warrant for the second has been issued and circulated.

In order to determine the circumstances of the incident and uncover its backgrounds, the authorities kept the arrested suspect under custody at the disposal of the ongoing investigations.

Massive Reaction, Apology Unaccepted

As the humiliation video was being massively shared on Facebook, Moroccan social media users loudly voiced their indignation at the humiliating act.

One user said “How shameful! Nobody is forcing you to give him the money if you don’t want to. But to pretend you will give him money and make him wait and then humiliate him is utterly shameful.”

Social media users went even further and demanded the arrest of the young man in the video. Facebook posts were shared widely demanding Abdellatif Hammouchi, the General Directorate for Territorial Surveillance to take action and arrest him.

The young man in the video was immediately sacked from his job as a driver for a luxurious hotel in Marrakech when clients identified him and flooded the hotel with calls denouncing what he did.

Under the heat, he apologized to all Moroccans for his act on numerous occasions but people continued to demand that he gets punished.



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