Video: Angry Pope Slaps Woman’s Hand


In a video that went viral, Pope Francis slaps the hand of a woman who grabbed his hand at the Vatican on New Year’s Eve.

Pope Francis got visibly angry when an unidentified woman grabbed his hand as he was greeting the pilgrims on New Year’s Eve and pulled him toward her. The pope tried to get his hand off her grip a few times before he slapped her to let go of his hand.

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Later the Pope said as he addressed the crowed at St Peter’s Square on New Year’s Day

“I apologize for the bad example yesterday … sometimes even I lose patience.”

Social media users have criticized the Pope’s reaction especially that the women grabbed his hand out of excitement. Other, however, pointed to the fact that it was a totally normal human reaction.

A Twitter user said, “Brings to mind Jesus walking down the street surrounded by people and the tormented woman who wanted only to touch a thread of His garment believing n healing. How different Jesus actions vs Pope.”

Another Twitter user exclaimed “What the pope did demonstrates one thing – he’s a man.”




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